Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy

1) You are not obliged to provide your first name or family name to play 2k40.

2) To play in "competition" mode, you have to register by choosing a nickname and password and give your e-mail address. If you provide this information, you will be able to start new games more quickly when you visit the site in future. If you rank among the top 10 players, only your nickname will be shown in the table.

3) No information on you will be given to others.

4) You can play 2k40 even if you do not register, but you will not be able to play in "competition" mode.

5) You will receive information on the Science Centre if you checked the box saying that you wish to receive it. If you did not check the box, you will not receive it.

If you have any questions on our privacy policy and the Montréal Science Centre's 2k40 game, please write to webmestre@oldportofmontreal.com