2K40 : William Logan


William Logan (founder of the Geological Survey of Canada)

Explore the riverbed to find nickel!

Go to the screen at the back of the room. The dashboard and keyboard arrows control an underwater sensor. To find nickel, keep an eye on the sensor needle.

I must admit, I’ve never seen a submarine look for mining deposits. Nowadays, geologists use airplanes to explore vast expanses that often have no roads at all.

If the needle moves, it means there is nickel nearby. Maintain your position and record the position codes on your dashboard. When you have found three codes, you’re in for a surprise.

Do you know why the sensor needle moves when you approach a nickel deposit? It’s because nickel disturbs the electromagnetic field produced by the submarine, and the sensor picks up those disturbances

Electromagnetic detection has other uses. For instance, it is also employed in airports to find metallic objects in luggage.